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About Us

Mandy Migura

Owner and Wildlife Biologist

Broad Conservation was founded in 2018 by Mandy Migura, with a goal of providing a broad array of conservation-related services. Through Broad Conservation, she specializes in partnering with other businesses and nonprofit organizations to help promote and achieve their goals. Mandy is experienced in assisting with conservation projects across the United States, ranging from Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Texas, and Washington DC, and has worked on both research projects and policy matters. While Mandy may bring in other experts to her team, she personally oversees all of Broad Conservation's projects to ensure your needs are met. 


Mandy is a wildlife conservation professional with 25 years of extensive, practical expertise in natural resources conservation and management, with a specialty in Alaska's endangered Cook Inlet beluga whales. Her diverse experience spans:

  • coordination of and participation with scientific research projects and programs;

  • implementation of US marine mammal and environmental conservation laws;

  • effective communication of complex and controversial scientific and management issues to a variety of audiences;

  • management of staff, projects, and contracts;

  • collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams; and

  • planning conferences, workshops, meetings, and fundraisers with local, national, and international participants.


Mandy has experience working for governmental agencies, nonprofit conservation organizations, environmental consulting firms, private organizations, and Alaska Native-owned organizations. She is excited to bring her diverse skill sets and perspectives to help you fulfill your program’s conservation needs, whether they are big or small, short-term or long-term. 

"Women Doing Science" - Featured Speaker

In May 2020, Mandy was featured in Azura Consulting LLC's Women Doing Science blog series, which was created to show young people, especially girls, that it is possible to successfully do science and have a thriving career and personal life.

What Others Are Saying About Mandy


"Mandy is a delight to work with, being both extremely creative and detail oriented."

Ed Schmitt - Alaska Wildlife Alliance

Broad Conservation is experienced in a broad array of conservation projects. Below are just some examples of skill sets we have to offer to your program.

Current and Recent Clients

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