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Wildlife Research

Do you need help with conducting wildlife surveys, or compiling and synthesizing wildlife data?  Broad Conservation staff have experience conducting wildlife surveys in Alaska, Florida, and Hawaii. Let Broad Conservation help you meet your needs regarding wildlife research. 

 We can help with:

  • Developing plans for wildlife research and assisting with the logistics to implement those plans
  • Designing monitoring protocols for marine mammals or other protected species
  • Reviewing proposed monitoring plans for compliance with permit requirements
  • Conducting wildlife monitoring studies (we can even fill in temporarily should your MMO/PSO monitors need a day off)
  • Stranded marine mammal response
  • Photo-identification analyses
  • Synthesizing wildlife data into reports or manuscripts

Experience Highlights

Capable Marine Mammal Researchers

  • Conducted field research for various species of marine mammals, spanning cetaceans, pinnipeds, and sirenians
  • Field research conducted via aerial, boat, and land-based survey methods
  • Participated in captive animal research and husbandry studies for monk seals and manatees
  • Field and captive studies spanned Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, and Texas
  • Research studies included: 
    • developing feasibility studies for protected species observers (PSOs) to biopsy floating marine mammal carcasses
    • utilizing remote and in-field monitoring photo-identification techniques to document reproductive behaviors and habitat use
    • participating in capture of pinnipeds and cetaceans for health assessments and tagging
    • assisting with the collection of biopsies from cetaceans 
    • assessing distribution and abundance via aerial and boat-based surveys
    • coordinating the use of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to conduct assessments of stranded animals
    • coordinating/assisting with stranding responses and necropsies


Examples of research publications and posters Mandy was involved with throughout her career:

  • NEW: "Float-by Sampling: Development of a Simple and Quick Methodology for Vessel-Based PSOs to Collect Biological Samples from Floating Marine Mammal Carcasses" (view POSTER; view ABSTRACT on page 187)

  • "Research Strategy Analysis for Cook Inlet Beluga Whale" (view POSTER; view ABSTRACT on page 144)

  • "Adding Pieces to the Puzzle: Consolidating Datasets from Photo-Id, Stranding, and Genetic Studies Extends What Can Be Learned from Satellite-Tagging of Endangered Cook Inlet Beluga Whales" (view POSTER; view ABSTRACT on page 170)

  • "Aerial Surveys of Belugas in Cook Inlet, Alaska August 2008" (view PUBLICATION)

  • "Short-finned pilot whales (Globicephala macrorhynchus) interact with melon-headed whales (Peponocephala electra) in Hawaii" (view PUBLICATION)

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