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Program Coordination and Management

Do you need some help managing an entire conservation program, individual project, or staff?  Broad Conservation staff are experienced with these tasks. Let Broad Conservation help you meet your needs managing these aspects of your program.

We can help with:

  • Program Coordination or Management
  • Managing Staff, Projects, and Programs
  • Representing your program’s interests publicly
  • Developing scopes of work or proposals for contracts/grants
  • Contract management

Experience Highlights

Organized manager of staff, projects, and contracts

  • Supervised staff, contractors, and volunteer/interns
  • Coordinated activities for Cook Inlet beluga whale recovery program, and marine mammal stranding response programs
  • Planned and implemented multiple scientific workshops and conferences
  • Managed marine wildlife and habitat conservation contracts and grants up to $1M per year
  • Represented and communicated agency positions at various forums, workshops, school events, public hearings, and industry and government meetings
  • Prepared written scientific analyses, agency opinions, and programmatic recommendations for management of controversial marine conservation issues
Examples of coordination and management projects Mandy was involved with throughout her career:
  • "Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Recovery Implementation Task Force - Terms of Reference" (view DOCUMENT)
  • "Recovery Plan for the Cook Inlet Beluga Whale" (view DOCUMENT)
  • "Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Stranding Response Plan" (view DOCUMENT)
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